Finally the BEST (Solidarność. Podaj dalej!) international community platform has been launched – for the next couple of years the BEST participants will be using Slack – a free communicator – for both national and international exchanges.

Using national international channels the BEST participants will be able connect and interact sharing their experiences, ideas, good practices and dilemmas around teaching solidarity and fraternity.

Every project participant will get an access to Slack, where he/she will be able to:

  • send direct messages to each participant (also video call is available)
  • create and take part in group conversations
  • create thematic channels.

We hope the platform might help participants to make new friends, share experience and learn about the perspectives of teachers and students from different schools, regions, countries.
The platform will also give teachers an opportunity to collaborate and organize common actions and projects and – most importantly – to share addresses where the students’ postcards can be sent to.

The teachers and educators from Poland have already joined Slack and have started sharing their best practices.

Zofia Wojnowska from Grabownica Starzeńska has already shared with us on Slack, how she conducts the workshops with kids in KINDERGARTEN (see below):

BEST: let’s meet on Slack!


As the kids can’t read yet, the teacher has prepared next to every word a visual explanation.

We are now looking forward to meeting on Slack the participants from Spain, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia and France!