Our programs

School with Class is a comprehensive school development program that operates since 2002. The main goals are to support teachers and directors in professionalisation of their work, appreciate and promote the exceptional activities of schools. This is the Foundation’s flagship program run with the support of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation.


Be Internet Awesome is a program developing a new approach to teaching online citizenship and safety in Polish schools. It helps children to be more conscious, responsible online citizens. Instead of emphasizing threats and restrictions, it focuses on building young people’s competences and positive attitudes. We provide materials, run trainings and offer webinars for teachers, educators and parents. Through a mini-grant program we encourage young people to make an impactful change in their local community, by planning and running social projects around online safety. The program is run from the Google.org funds.


We are young. What’s up with us? is a pilot project supporting teenagers in voicing their opinions in public spheres. It will provide 8 months of mentoring support and a training program for youth teams as well as some financing for their local initiatives. We call it the School of communication and participation. The project is financed from the Active Citizens Fund – National from EEA funds.

Let’s talk with class! is focused on the children’s psychological well-being in Polish schools. We conducted two studies:

  • „Pupils’ psychological well-being according to the teachers” and
  • „Everyday tutoring – key issues for school tutors and pupils”.

We also engage in preparing educational materials and discussing the key role of the school in tackling children’s psychological issues.

The programme is financed by the 2020 Relief Fund for NGOs and civic initiatives created by the Polish-American Freedom Foundation, and implemented by the Education for Democracy Foundation.


Digital HI-storytelling (DIGHIST) is a program that aims to show how to teach 20th-century European history, showing complex social, political and economic problems in an interesting and innovative way – using the digital storytelling method. In the DIGHIST program, we prepare innovative tools for teachers that will help them in their daily work and materials that support independent reflection and understanding of social processes.

The Digital Hi-storytelling program is conducted by the School with Class Foundation in cooperation with Asociación Smilemundo (Spain) and King Baudouin Foundation (Belgium) and co-funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ programme fund.

Education Inspiration is grant program that appreciates outstanding teachers from small towns (up to 30 000 inhabitants) and helps them with their professional development. Thanks to the provided funding selected teachers can implement and develop with their students social projects. The grants’ goal is to equalize educational opportunities, arouse interest among students and help them to believe in their own abilities. The program is financed by the EFC Foundation.


Build European Solidarity Today (BEST), till 2020 run under the name Let’s Play the Fraternity Card is an educational response to growing negative trends including racism, discrimination, and social exclusion. Every year, students from France, Poland, Croatia, Spain, Slovenia and Italy are sending postcards with messages of solidarity to randomly chosen people both from their communities and abroad. Prior to that students are trained in critical thinking and photo analysis, covering cover topics of discrimination, migration, poverty and volunteering. The program offers direct training to teachers, pedagogical materials, and postcards with photos from known European photographers. The program is financed from the European Commission from the Erasmus + program.


The Young Explorers’ Clubs (YEC) in Eastern Europe is a project intended to provide support institutions from Eastern Europe ready to introduce the YEC model in their’ countries. The goal of the YEC is to create a space for young people and children to conduct experiments under the eye of supervisors. Currently the program is implemented in Georgia, Ukraine and Armenia. Our partners are provided with free workshops and webinars, a base of experiment scenarios, and possibilities to exchange knowledge and plan joint activities.

The Young Explorers’ Clubs in Georgia project is run by the School with Class Foundation. The Copernicus Science Centre is the Young Explorers’ Clubs Coordinator and our program partner, and the Polish American Freedom Foundation is our strategic partner, co-financing the program.


CEDAR (Continuing Education Against Radicalisation) – project is based on the production, implementation, and deployment of a European training programme targeting educational practitioners, such as university professors, juvenile detention centres educators, as well as associations working with vulnerable youngsters. It aims to improve practitioners’ skills in the field of radicalisation and extremism in educational and university settings, by supporting them with the necessary skills and competencies towards risk identification and prevention.

The project is financed from the European Commission from the Erasmus + program and  run in partnership with institution from France, Austria, Spain and Portugal.


Digital Citizenship and Safety Course is a massive open online course (MOOC) for teachers and educators at all levels of schooling. We offer you activities thanks to which your students will learn how to assess the reliability of information sources, identify threats on their own and support the safe use of digital media, which will help them become conscious and responsible internet users. The course is made up of five audio-visual units with a short quiz at the end of each unit.

COURSE FOR TEACHERS: obywatelstwocyfrowe.szkolazklasa.org.pl

Inactive programs

Added Value program introduces a new approach to teaching math in European primary schools. It focuses on solving everyday practical problems showing students that maths is everywhere. It helps pupils believe that they can successfully learn and understand maths. The program offers high-quality materials, lesson and project scenarios for teachers. The program is financed from the European Commission from the Erasmus + program.

INTERNATIONAL WEBPAGE: mathsiseverywhere.eu


PE with Class program helped to increase the young people’s physical activity and encouraged them to lead a healthier lifestyle. It supported physical education teachers and inspires them to conduct attractive and innovative PE lessons. Over 3000 schools, 10000 teachers and 400000 students from all over Poland took part in the program between 2013 and 2016. Although currently not active, PE with Class forms a part of the School with Class Foundation core programs.


Code with Class provided programming and computational skills to primary, middle and high school teachers through access to educational materials, onsite trainings and online support. We have worked with over 750 teachers across Poland, forming an active on-line community of practice, sharing experiences, ideas for classes and new materials. The main goal of the project was to equip teachers od all educational levels with knowledge, resources and equipment necessary to run a local programming interest club or course. Although currently not active, Code with Class forms a part of the School with Class Foundation core programs.

1st Grade Teacher was a program aimed at early education teachers that promoted methods of teaching and learning that focuses on awakening children’s curiosity, developing their ability to deal with challenges, learn with and from others, and building cooperation. We offered offline and online training courses and free materials. Between 2016 and 2019 the program was organized in collaboration with the Center for Citizenship Education, who is currently the program leader.

School with design and Shaping the School’s Spaces Together programs supported schools in modernizing their learning environments by actively involving youth in the process of planning and implementing architectural, technological and school relationship changes. We believe that all those three components deeply influence learning, but our goal is also to awaken students’ social awareness and sense of responsibility. We offered schools an intensive individual support: on site trainings and online coaching, and workshops with architects. The programs were co-financed by the city of Warsaw and was run in the years 2016-2019.

ONLINE COURSE FOR TEACHERS: eduspaces.szkolazklasa.org.pl


School, be FearLESS promoted a healthy and active lifestyle among students. It helped teachers develop pro-health attitudes, actively combat obesity among students and develop their courage to make critical and conscious choices related to their health. The project covered three topic areas: (1) health and physical activity, (2) healthy eating and a balanced diet, (3) conscious choices and protecting one’s health. The program was co-financed by the city of Warsaw and was run in the years 2017-2018.

The School is Us! supported Warsaw students in implementing changes related to the Polish educational reform and was run in 2017 and 2018. It helped students gain a stronger sense of agency and control over their own educational circumstances and strengthen their sense of responsibility for their own learning. With teachers and principals, we worked on building a new team and we helped them use the potential this offered. The program was co-financed by the city of Warsaw.

Included was a program which helped Warsaw institutions working with youth, to open up to a more participatory mode of work and involve young people in decision-making in regard to the life of the institution. The program was co-financed by the city of Warsaw as part of the Young Warsaw. A City with a Youth-friendly Climate 2016-2020.

R-EU-CONNECTED was a program based on European values. Its goal was to broaden students’ knowledge about the European Union and help them understand how the EU membership affects our everyday lives as well as discover the benefits and obligations connected with membership in the EU.
The project was run in five countries: France, Croatia, Poland, Greece and Italy thanks to the funding from Erasmus+ program.


100 Years of Everyday Life in Poland was an education and entertainment program celebrating the 100 years of Poland regaining its independence. It gave children and young people the opportunity to reflect on their own culture and identity through contact with historical photography’s depicting situations from everyday life from 1918 to 2018. The project had the honorary patronage of the Minister of National Education.

Go with the convention was an educational campaign run in 2017, focused on building one’s own image as well as the effective and correct use of the Polish language on social media. We invited participants to have fun with various literary styles and conventions, showed them how to create short messages in a planned and purposeful way. The project was co-financed as part of the National Centre for Culture’s Mother tongue- add to favorites 2017 program.

Klasna Shkola was the Ukrainian equivalent of the School with Class program, operating in Ukraine in 2015 and 2016. It involved over 80 active Ukrainian schools which, supported by Polish mentors, developed the rules under which a good school operates and implemented innovative teaching methods in everyday work. The project was financed by the Education for Democracy Foundation as part of the RITA – Region in Transition program of the Polish American Freedom Foundation.

Invest in Ourselves Contest was aimed at students of middle schools (gimnasium) and above, whose task was to create their own project concerning investment into local innovation. The contest was organized and financed by the European Commission Representation Office in Poland.