The Educational Game „Octogram”

Data dodania:
10 kwietnia 2024
Typ materiału:
gry i zabawy
Poziom edukacji:
szkoła podstawowa klasy 4-8, szkoła ponadpodstawowa
Dla kogo:
nauczyciele i nauczycielki, rodzice
Obszar programowy:
kompetencje cyfrowe i medialne
bezpieczeństwo w sieci, dezinformacja, dobrostan cyfrowy, edukacja medialna, fake news, krytyczne myślenie
CC-BY-SA 4.0

Octogram is a card game (that you can print yourself) with a fictional storyline, in which a large part of the situations presented can be applied to everyday life. It simulates social media and its algorithms, as well as filter and information bubbles.

The goal, in addition to having fun playing the game, is to provide an introduction to the discussion of social media phenomena and to potentially create environments and situations similar to those the players might find themselves in online.

The game provides experiences and conveys information to help players understand how social media works and how to navigate it.

The game is part of the publication „Understand Emotions. Become Resilient to Disinformation” in which we show how to build increased self-awareness among young people to increase their resistance to false information found on the Internet.

The game was developed as part of the FAKE kNOw MORE program, which is run by the School with Class Foundation in cooperation with the Demagog Association (Poland), Fakescape (Czech Republic), Smilemundo (Spain), and Adfaber (Romania) thanks to the support of the EMIF managed by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

The sole responsibility for all content supported by the European Media and Information Fund (EMIF) rests with the authors and does not necessarily reflect the position of the EMIF and the Fund’s partners, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, and the European University Institute.

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