About us

The School with Class Foundation is an expert, non-profit organization, based in Warsaw (Poland).

It was founded in October 2015 as a spin-off of the biggest and one of the most successful educational programs in Poland run since 2002.

We believe that the world of tomorrow depends on the education of today. Therefore, we work with schools in Poland and abroad, helping them to become innovative, friendly and open environments, engaged in solving social problems, enhancing diversity, with relations based on mutual trust and respect.

Our programs help young people to become active and conscious citizens and support the development of XXI century skills. We enhance teamwork, collaboration and social engagement, develop studentsresilience and agency, responsibility for their own learning and their belief in their own capacities. 

We support teachers and headmasters in their professional development developing and implementing innovative teaching methods and tools. We focus, among others, on flipped lessons, peer-teaching, inquiry based learning, design thinking, problem and project-based learning, agile and scrum – and introduce them to Polish schools to support students innovation and independence.

We gathered knowledge, competencies, resources and staff enabling us to work with students with a deep insight of the needs of young people in their everyday school and outside-school environment. We count with a strong team of trainers qualified to work both with young people and their teachers. All our materials are published on a Creative Commons license CC-BY-SA 4.0.

School with Class has already collaborated with over 9500 schools, 150 000 teachers and over a million students. Each year we work with a vast network of schools (over 1000 a year) both around Poland and abroad.


The purpose of the School with Class Foundation is to:

  • support education tailored to the modern world, schools that are engaged in tackling social problems
  • foster the development of 21st century skills in schools
  • improve the quality of teacher training and professional development
  • increase the prestige of the teaching profession
  • equalize educational opportunities of children and youth
  • strengthen the civic mission of the school and build bonds between schools and local communities



Agata Łuczyńska
President of Board
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Marta Puciłowska
Vice-President of Board
+48 22 658 00 73
School with Class Foundation
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